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NEET 2022: Strategies to Prepare for Biology

NEET 2022: Strategies to Prepare for Biology

Focusing on Biology in the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET 2022) can increase an aspirant’s chances of passing the medical entrance exam. The subject is not only important but also accounts for 50% of the paper, making it the most important subject for NEET 2022 Preparation.

The NEET question paper has 90 questions from Biology, and applicants with better understanding and clarity have a good chance of scoring well out of the total marks allotted. The Biology section is 360 marks. However, achieving 340+ in the subject requires some planning, therefore here are five recommendations for succeeding in Biology as a subject:

1) NCERT Textbook is the Key

For NEET aspirants, NCERT textbooks should be at your fingertips. Before taking the NEET Biology exams, go over the NCERT textbook chapters thoroughly numerous times. Please ensure that you give equal emphasis to the 11th and 12th curriculums, as the questions are almost evenly distributed.

2) Practice is critical to obtaining good grades.

To ensure that you haven’t missed any crucial ideas, you must complete at least 200-300 MCQs for each chapter. You must also complete the previous ten years’ question papers (minimum). In addition to solving past years’ NEET question papers, you should also try to solve AIIMS and JIPMER exam question papers (up to 2019).

3) Emphasize Key Concepts

Concentrate your efforts on high-scoring units such as genetics, ecology, plant, and animal physiology. Whatever topic you are studying, read it thoroughly, make an effort to understand the concept, and then memorize it. This method will help you retain topics for a longer period of time and make exams go more smoothly.

4) Timely Breaks are Important

Take frequent breaks while studying. Make a daily timetable and do make it a point to follow it religiously. The breaks help you to rest, unwind and re-energize your batteries. A very crucial thing to remember is that you have personal goals to attain, and you should be back to studying in no time. Never extend your break time.

5) Prepare comprehensive revision notes

This is the most effective method for quickly and efficiently recalling vital and critical topics during tests. The notes should be written in a clear, simple, and concise manner, allowing oneself to swiftly grasp all of the complex concepts immediately before the exam.

Revision notes are extremely beneficial to students who are struggling to revise the entire syllabus throughout exams. These brief notes will guarantee that all pertinent information is included and will facilitate your revision process. Thorough preparation and revision will assist you in remembering your concepts and scoring high on the exam.

Work hard, study smartly, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you don’t meet your goals for today, there’s always a better tomorrow. You just need to maintain your focus and keep revising and practicing.

This will surely embark you on a path to successfully achieving results in Biology. “Our experienced counselors at Eduwisor always impart the right guidance,” says Jyoti Krishna, the co-founder of Eduwisor.

We at Eduwisor always guide students toward the right path with an unbiased approach. You can follow us on YoutubeFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. Stay tuned for regular updates.

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