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  1. Career Counseling

This is the most crucial step for every student which can help him decide his career and plan it accordingly. There is an endless list of choices and opportunities in front of them. A majority of students end up deciding their course streams and careers simply on the basis of what their parents and their friends want to do. Even the ones who think for themselves normally select a career option based on popular trends and not on the basis of their own interest.

Every student has a unique personality that can thrive in a particular environment and career. One needs to identify such career options in which they can prosper, succeed and ensure that they meet their interests and desires.

Our counselors consider a student’s personality, attributes, skills, interests, and weaknesses. On the basis of the analysis, the counselors guide the student towards the particular career best suited as per their interest and choice. Possible career options are suggested to which the student can willingly make a choice.

  1. University Selection

Choosing the right university for higher education is a step that gives the right direction to one’s career.  Our experienced counselors give expert advice as per one’s needs and interests. 

  1. Course Selection 

There are a wide number of career choices ranging from Medicine, Engineering, Management, Mass Communications, Event Management,, Culinary Arts, etc. Our counselors have one-to-one sessions with the students to analyze the best fit for a student.

  1. Study Destination

Students are often under the misconception that once they fail to get into a college of their choice, they have lost their chances of admission forever, not realizing that there are even better options elsewhere about which they were completely ignorant. Even meritorious students fail to make an impression with the committee at times, not because of their lack of knowledge in their subject, but purely due to their failure of answering other circumstantial questions which vary from region to region. Eduwisor can give the students a clear idea about what to expect and with the cut-throat competition out there and limited seats on offer, students need all the help they can get to make an impression.

  1. Admission Guidance

Eduwisor guides you towards the correct decision that best suits your educational and financial background, ambition, and preference. We have an experienced research team that guides you personally with information regarding universities, criteria, and processes.

  1. Finance Assistance

Our consultants compute a foreseen expense of study, living, and staying costs along with the tuition fee structure of the colleges you wish to apply. Assistance is provided to apply for loans and scholarships.

  1. Documentation Process

Eduwisor guides students to file the appropriate documents as per their selected university requirements.

  1. VISA Assistance

Eduwisor guides students in visa documentation and filing which is one of the most important and crucial step in the journey to study Abroad.

  1. Travel, Forex & Accommodation Assistance

Eduwisor assists in Travel, Insurance, and Forex Servcies. The right guidance shall be provided by our consultants to cater such needs.

  1. Accommodation Guidance

Selecting the right type of Accommodation abroad can be a daunting task. Our accommodation advisors shall guide you towards the best possible options catering to your needs.